Established in 2003 H.O.P.E’s main purpose is to provide the best resources for life’s most challenging problems. We partnered with Los Angeles County Public Health for supportive services for victims & survivors of Domestic Violence.

Due to the diverse population H.O.P.E serves, one size does not fit all.

H.O.P.E offers and provides inhouse counseling sessions for DV Victims and Batterers, Family Counseling, Parenting Classes, Job Referrals, and Job Readiness Training, Housing/Shelter referrals, Anger Management, Documentation Assistance (English & Spanish), Life Management Skills, and Support Groups, all classes are taught by trained and licensed staff, take a look below for all of the services that we provide.

H.O.P.E also operates transitional housing for women and kids, weekly food distribution, and child enrichment activities / after school programs.

Anger Management

We offer Anger Management Class/Counseling. Our program is set to assist, counsel, and support individuals who struggle with anger. 

Parenting Class

Our parenting classes educates parents on child development and the many way they can maintain a positive and nurturing relationship with their children, as well as different ways to navigate through complicated situations like divorce, or child custody battles.

Job Readiness Training

Our job readiness training will dive into the basics, preparing individuals to seek and obtain employment.  In this class you will learn how to prepare a resume, fill out an application, prepare for an interview, self care, and the importance of creating a healthy work environment.

Domestic Violence Class

Our Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) consists of 52 weekly DV Classes. This class is made for individuals who have been previously incarcerated or convicted for certain Domestic Violence offenses as well as voluntary batterers. Our Batterer Intervention Program focuses on educating and counseling the individual. Courses and counseling typically focus on the following: